Essential Food Label

Easy Grocery Shopping. Look for value, simplicity, authenticity.

Navigating through the food labels of a groceries basket is for all practical purposes impossible. The information is just too complex. 

To simplify the decision making while you do online grocery shopping we came up with the Essential Food Label Chrome extension. The Chrome extension works only with the UK grocer Tesco at It distills the label info into three indicators: the price per calorie, recipe simplicity and authenticity of taste. That’s all. For a detailed explanation of how Essential Food Label helps you choose your groceries, see our article, How to choose your food

Keeping track of grocery expenditures is essential for a family. To do this task, you must know the price per calorie, the real value of the food you buy. You can do this by using the paid version of Essential Food Label. We wrote an article with a number of examples about how to use the Chrome extension to see the actual value of groceries. Some results are unexpected. You can see the article at the link here.

Are you ready to know more about your grocery basket? Are you already shopping at Then get the Chrome extension now!